Basic of Civil Engineering

Basic of Civil Engineering

Basic of Civil Engineering – UNITS

SL NOUnitsUnits
1.Area m^{2}
2.Volume m^{3}
3.Stress KN/m^{2}
4.StrainNo Units
8.Density KN/m^{3}
9.Specific GravityNo Units
10.Discharge m^{3}/sec

Clear Cover to main Reinforcement

1.Footings50 mm
2.Raft Foundation Top50 mm
3.Raft Foundation Bottom75 mm
4.Starp Beam50 mm
5.Beam25 mm
6.Grade Slab20 mm
7.Slab15 mm
8.Flat Slab20 mm
9.Column40 mm
10.Shear Wall25 mm
11.Stair Case15 mm
12.Retaining Wall25/25 mm
13.Water Retaining Structure20/30 mm

Weight of Different Steel Bar

MS Steel Round & Square Bar

SL NODia of Steel BarWeight per MeterWeight per Meter
Round BarSquare Bar
1.6 mm0.222 kg0.28 kg
2.8 mm0.395 kg0.50 kg
3.10 mm0.616 kg0.78 kg
4.12 mm0.888 kg1.13 kg
5.16 mm1.58 kg2.01 kg
6.20 mm2.466 kg3.14 kg
7.25 mm3.85 kg4.91 kg
8.28 mm4.83 kg6.15 kg
9.32 mm6.3133 kg8.04 kg
10.36 mm7.99 kg10.17 kg
11.40 mm9.87 kg12.56 kg
12.45 mm12.49 kg15.90 kg
13.50 mm15.41 kg19.62 kg

Weight of Steel Rods

Sl NoDiameter of SteelWeight per Meter Length
1.6 mm0.222 Kg
2.8 mm0.395 Kg
3.10 mm0.616 Kg
4.12 mm0.888 Kg
5.16 mm1.58 Kg
6.20 mm2.466 Kg
7.25 mm3.85 Kg
8.32 mm6.313 Kg
9.40 mm9.87 Kg

Different Conversion And Units

Sl NoUnitsConversion
1.1 m100 cm
2.1 m1000 mm
3.1 cm10 mm
4.1 m3.28 ft
5.1 m39.97 inch
6.1 ft12 inch 12”
7.1” (inch)25.4 mm
8.1” (inch)2.54 cm
9.1 Yard36 inch 36”
10.1 Yard3 ft 3′
11.1 m1.0936 yard
12.1  Yd^{2} 9 SFT
13.1 acre4840  Yd^{2}
14.1 Hectare2.47 acre

Basic of Civil Engineering

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