Fire-Resistant Mortar

Fire-Resistant Mortar

The Fire-resistant mortar is made by mixing aluminous cement with the fine powder of the refractory bricks. In the event of fire warnings in the structures of a certain area, fire retardant mortar is used as fire-retardant protection. -The permanent mortar is a powder made from cement and special additives. This filler compound is intended for cable ducts. This product is guaranteed to be free from asbestos, halogens, phenol, silica, or silica fumes. Its powder apparent density is 0.9 and its wet density is 1. The actual mixing time is 1 to 3 hours, depending on the ambient humidity, and the final application time is 4 hours, depending on the conditions.

Most mortars are fire retardant to some extent. Clay, cement, lime, and sand materials are inherently fire and heat-resistant. However, there is a formula for mixing grout that not only resists fire but also resists heat damage, is easy to mix, and ideal for use near chimneys and other areas where there is a risk of fire or heat. Follow grout thickness uses and instructions for best results. fire retardant mortar in any area where you would use conventional mortar.

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How to Make Fireproof Mortar

Fire-resistant mortar

Step 1. Mix the sand, lime, cement, and fireclay in a large bucket. Use 10 parts of sand, three parts of cement and fireclay, and one and a half parts of lime. Wear a dust mask when measuring powders as they are very dusty and can damage the lung

Step 2. Mix the ingredients until they are evenly distributed. After mixing is complete, you will no longer be able to identify the separated substances.

Step 3. Spread the mixture in areas with constant high temperatures, such as bathrooms. B. Fireplace, outdoor barbecue grill, or food preparation area.

Advantages of Fire-resistant mortar:

High-temperature resistance
Protects and insulates from fire
Can be applied in thick layers
Easily removable by subsequent drilling
Flexibility of use

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As a coating or paint for steel structures, a fire retardant can provide a good level of corrosion protection.
Vermiculite fire retardant coating Vermiculite spray coating, a strong and highly stable passive fire protection coating for steel frames.
Intumescent colors promise due to their low permeability, severe corrosion under fire protection with these materials has been reported. Testing Intumescent Epoxies are complex proprietary materials.

Cementitious Structural Fire-proofingIntumescent Structural Fire-proofing
With Vermiculate Material over standard or built-up sections.With water/ solvent Material over standard or built-up sections.
Application for 30/ 60/90/120 minApplication for 30/ 60/90/120 min
Limiting temperature of 550 deg. C or different.Limiting temperature of 550 deg. C or different.
Application with thickness as per UL. 263 or BS 476 certifier test norms.Application with thickness as per UL. 263 or BS 476 certifier test norms.
Application for Hydrocarbon site as per UL 1709.Application with surface preparation, Priming, and topcoat.
Application with surface preparation, Priming, and topcoat.

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INCA DC310 is a fire-retardant, intumescent cable jacket that prevents the spread of flames and is suitable for indoor use. The application is for wire harnesses or wire harnesses in the shell under industrial conditions. is less than 95 cm. The recommended thickness should be 0.8mm DFT. Extremely intumescent and fireproof to protect the cable.

Water base materialIEEE 383
High solidsSTM E 662
Remain flexible after curedASTM D5116
No cable derating
Interior application

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