Preservation Of Timber

Preservation Of Timber:-

Preservation of timber is achieved which will grow its lifestyles, durability, and resistance in opposition to deforming businesses like bugs, termite, and fungi, etc. various preservatives. Preservation of timber has finished the usage of one-of-a-kind forms of preservatives. Increasing lifestyles makes the timber extra long-lasting and it could be used for longer periods. Preservation additionally allows the timber to dispose of bugs and fungi etc.

a) ASCU Treatment:-

ASCU is a unique preservative that is to be had in powder form. It is dissolved in water to get a preservative answer. It has to be introduced 6 elements via way of means of weight of ASCU in a hundred elements via way of means of weight of water. The very last answer is implemented to wood via way of means of spraying. This answer does now no longer include any odor. It is beneficial particularly to put off white ants.

  • The application of ASCU inc resistance against white ants.
  • Consist of 1 part by weight of arsenic pentaoxide(As2O5.2H2O), 3 parts by weight of copper sulfate (CuSO4.5H2O), 4 parts by weight of potassium-di-chromate/ sodium –di-chromate(K2Cr2O7/Na2Cr2O7)
  • This is available in powder form hence to prepare the solution 6 parts of ASCU are mixed with 100 parts by weight of water.


  • Oil paints inc resistance against penetration of water thereby inc its durability.


Coal tar incorporates the unsightly odor and does now no longer permit the paint on it. So, it’s far used for door frames, window frames, etc. It could be very reasonably-priced and has excellent hearthplace resistance.

  • Coal tar is heated and obtained liquid hot tar is applied on the timber surface using a brush.
  • It increases resistance against fire. But it decreases the aesthetic value of the structure and also gives unpleasant odor hence is used for minor engineering works only.


  • this inc resistance against white ants but the cost is more than ASCU.
  • It also gives a decorative effect to the timber section.


  • Chemical salts like copper sulfate, mercury chloride, and zinc chloride are used as a preservative which may be dissolved in water to get a liquid solution. They are odorless and do now no longer generate flames whilst touch with fire.


  • Creosote oil is ready with the aid of using the distillation of tar.
  • It is black or brown in color.
  • It contains unpleasant smells and applied in a special manner.
  • Firstly, the timber is well seasoned and dried, then it is placed in an airtight chamber and inside air is pumped out.  Finally, creosote oil is pumped into the chamber with excessive stress approximately 0.7 to at least one N/mm2 at a temperature of 500c.
  • After allowing for 2 hours, the timber absorbs creosote oil sufficiently and taken out from the chamber.
  • It is not used for timber works in fireplaces because creosote oil is flammable. It is generally used for wood piles, poles, and railway sleepers.
  • Creosoting is also known as bethel’s process.

Methods Of Preservation Of Timber:-

  1. Brushing:- Brushings the handiest approach to making use of preservatives. For well-pro wooden, oil kind preservatives are implemented.
  2. Spraying:- Spraying is time-saving and pretty powerful it’s far a powerful approach than brushing. In this case, the preservative answer is sprayed directly to the floor the usage of a sprig gun.
  3. Injecting beneath neath stress:- It is a pricey remedy method and required unique remedy plants. The preservative is injected into the wood beneath neath high-stress conditions. Generally, creosote oil is implemented in it.
  4. Dipping and stepping:- This answer penetrates the wooden higher than the case of brushing or spraying. Dipping is some other kind of maintenance wherein, wooden is dipped immediately withinside the preservative answer.
  5. Hot and bloodless open tank remedy:- In this approach, the wooden is positioned in an open tank which incorporates the preservative answer. This answer is then heated for some hours at eighty-five to ninety-five ranges Celsius. Then, the answer is authorized to chill and wooden receives submerged with this sluggish cooling.

The maximum powerful approach of preservation is stress impregnation wherein preservative is injected beneath neath stress. 

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